Meet the
Teddy & Bear Crew.

They may look like an odd mix of friends, but we're so glad they found each other!

Our story starts in Nashville, where our eight friends reside. As luck would have it our crew hasn't stopped playing games, bouncing balls or going on adventures since they met.

You have Phoebe the Pig, who eats anything in sight and Mabel the Mouse, who's just a little shy. There's also Ray the Raccoon, who loves a good practical joke and Mallie the Mallard, who's travelled all the way from England. Ziggy the Zebra is our quirkiest pal and Addy the Alligator has the biggest heart (and mouth!) in all of Nashville.

Of course, we can't forget Teddy the Tiger and Bear the Bear, our furry friends who gave the crew their name. There are so many magical memories to make together and we hope we can take you along!

Hi! I’m Addy the Alligator.

What you should know about me is my heart is bigger than my mouth, and I have a very big mouth. I feel the most happy when I’m basking in the sun.

Hi! I’m Teddy the Tiger.

I love to run like the wind, climb trees and lick my paws - I am a cat after all.

Hi! I’m Ziggy the Zebra.

Ziggy the Zebra here. My friends say I’m quirky and that’s fine by me. I love to count my stripes and I love naps.

Hi! I’m Phoebe the Pig.

I love to eat anything really. Ray and I will take down a bag of trash in seconds. And mud, I love mud so much.

Hi! I’m Ray the Raccoon.

I normally sleep during the day, but this crew always has me running around. I’m the practical joker of the group - I like to make my friends smile and I don’t take things very seriously.

Hi! I’m Mabel the Mouse.

I like to hide behind well, anyone. I try to stay under the radar as much as I can, but I will dance for cheese. I love cheese.

Hi! I’m Bear the Bear (duh).

I’m the one that keeps this group in order. I’m known for lending an ear when someone needs to chat and giving the best bear-hugs ever.

Hi! I’m Mallie the Mallard Duck.

You might recognize my accent, it’s British. I love tea, riding on Addy’s head, and swimming in hot tubs.

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