Made in
North Carolina

Teddy & Bear is made with the highest quality materials right here in the U.S. (less travel time in production means we’re saving on carbon emissions). We’re so proud to support family-owned companies in North Carolina, the sock capital of the U.S. (who knew?!).

In case you were wondering, here is how our socks are made:

I just like to be air dried.
I just like to “hang” out.

Yarn Twisting

We use Supima cotton yarn because it’s super soft. Did you know Supima is less than 1% of the world's cotton?

The yarn is twisted into large spools before we knit because it strengthens and binds the yarn for a higher quality and more durable sock whose colors will stay vibrant.


Yarn Dyeing

The yarn is then dyed by another family-owned factory. This one started in 1988 in the foothills of North Carolina.

This area is known for their textiles - we’re talking spools of thread on the town signs y’all. We’re a bit of a stickler for picking custom colors (nothing against the primaries, of course) but our Pantones are custom dyes so that our socks can be as unique as the little kiddos wearing them.

Welp! I believe I’m in the wrong dye!

Sock Knitting

Once the yarn is dyed (our supply-chain-geeks still with us?), we travel to the Piedmont of NC, to the sock mill, another family-run business right outside of the Uwharrie National Forest.

We not only interviewed for quality, but niceness. Niceness is a key component for doing business with us – we think it makes its way into the socks so they are extra lovable. The sock mill knits the socks with machines that have every single millimeter prepared with the right color to create each friend perfectly.


Coming Home

For fulfillment and packaging we chose an 80 year old, 3rd generation company that started during the Great Depression in Manhattan and is now headquartered in North Carolina’s capital, Raleigh.

They make a home for each set and then the friends are off to your doorstep where the real adventures begin!